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What Is A GRP Fibreglass Roof?

What You Must Know About GRP Fibreglass Roofing

What is GRP Fibreglass Roofing?

GRP fibreglass roofing

GRP or glass reinforced polyester is a single-ply laminate material made of plastic strengthened with fine, glass fibres.

Although the material has been in existence for over sixty years, its popularity has increased in recent times, possibly because the Cromar range of resins and sealants have made installing a GRP roof accessible to the non-professional roofer. GRP roofs are very modern, light and versatile enough for use in contemporary and traditional structures. Today, you can see GRP roofs covering a variety of buildings, and used in the making of boats and water tanks.

Installing a GRP Roof

The beginning point of a GRP roof is a wooden deck, free of structural faults. The GRP roofing professional places layers of catalysing resin and fibreglass upon one another, and then leaves the layers to cure or dry, a process that takes ten or fifteen minutes. Finally, a fire-retarding and waterproofing layer is added. If you are a handy roofer, you can install a GRP roof quite easily. However, edge trims and drip trims – often custom made – must be added to the roof before the layering process can begin. For this reason, it makes sense to hire a professional company, such as Abbey Roofing Cumbria, to carry out installation.

The Advantages of GRP Roofing

Although the GRP roof is costlier to install than a felt or EDPM rubber roof, its long life – up to 30 years – means a cost saving for the customer in the longer term. Since the wooden deck is cut to fit and the resinous material is moulded around details such as skylights, installation is relatively easy. Normally, the material is resistant to UV light, but the colour can fade over time. If this happens, you simply restore the lost shade by adding another top coat. The GRP material is generally impact resistant but if the roof does develop a crack or a hole, you can carry out a repair by adding one or more layers of resin and fibreglass to the fault.

The Long Life of GRP Roofing

These advantages of the GRP roof accrue to the customer who has had the installation carried out expertly by a roofing professional. Installed and maintained properly, the roof can last up to 30 years. Abbey Roofing Cumbria has a long and successful record of providing quality roofs to customers in southern Scotland and in Cumbria, Remember, GRP fibreglass roofing that is installed by a professional is:

  • attractive and long-lasting
  • less likely to leak or crack

and is repaired and repainted more easily.

Lee Preston
Lee Preston
11:26 12 May 19
Looks great, top workmanship, efficiently done and in a short time!
08:16 25 Apr 18
Prompt response, arrived to look at job when he said, gave a thorough account of what needed done, we agreed a price. The next fine day he arrived early with another worker and job done before end of day. Prompt, efficient, professional and reliable. My old cast iron guttering now looks like new and doesn't leak....hurray! Thanks James.
james thomas
james thomas
17:48 08 Mar 18
I have used James and his roof firm twice now and have had fantastic service each time. He is very quick to provide advice and all his work is timely and of a great standard . I would happily recommend and will be using him again in future .
arron weaver
arron weaver
15:01 28 Oct 16
Great price, no hidden costs, professional and friendly service, the results were simply stunning. would recommend to anyone. Thank you to all the team. Great work!
Michael Seidelmann
Michael Seidelmann
14:56 14 Oct 16
Jim and his team have been carrying out several jobs at our cottage, including re-roofing and guttering. We are delighted with both the level of service and the quality of work. Happy to recommend.
Ed Hagerty
Ed Hagerty
19:31 13 Oct 16
We’ve been restoring a house in Cumbria and over the years we’ve had tradespeople from across the spectrum. I can comfortably say that Jim and his team are in the very top of the list in terms of quality, price and service. They did a flat roof for us, some lead work and a variety of other external work, all of the highest quality. If Jim provides the service, you need look nowhere else. We’d trust him with any job, large or small.
Katherine Massey
Katherine Massey
14:11 26 Mar 15
Jim and Chris recently carried out outstanding work to our fibreglass roof on a listed building. We were delighted with the standard of workmanship, service, communication and the 25 year guarantee. The work was carried out in a timely and professional manner and was also reasonable in terms of cost. We were lucky to get some dry weather and guys that really know what they are doing. Thanks Jim, much appreciated! I will recommend you to family, friends and anyone I come across!
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