What Is A GRP Fibreglass Roof?

What You Must Know About GRP Fibreglass Roofing

What is GRP Fibreglass Roofing?

GRP fibreglass roofing

GRP or glass reinforced polyester is a single-ply laminate material made of plastic strengthened with fine, glass fibres. Although the material has been in existence for over sixty years, its popularity has increased in recent times, possibly because the Cromar range of resins and sealants have made installing a GRP roof accessible to the non-professional roofer. GRP roofs are very modern, light and versatile enough for use in contemporary and traditional structures. Today, you can see GRP roofs covering a variety of buildings, and used in the making of boats and water tanks.

Installing a GRP Roof

The beginning point of a GRP roof is a wooden deck, free of structural faults. The GRP roofing professional places layers of catalysing resin and fibreglass upon one another, and then leaves the layers to cure or dry, a process that takes ten or fifteen minutes. Finally, a fire-retarding and waterproofing layer is added. If you are a handy roofer, you can install a GRP roof quite easily. However, edge trims and drip trims – often custom made – must be added to the roof before the layering process can begin. For this reason, it makes sense to hire a professional company, such as Abbey Roofing Cumbria, to carry out installation.

The Advantages of GRP Roofing

Although the GRP roof is costlier to install than a felt or EDPM rubber roof, its long life – up to 30 years – means a cost saving for the customer in the longer term. Since the wooden deck is cut to fit and the resinous material is moulded around details such as skylights, installation is relatively easy. Normally, the material is resistant to UV light, but the colour can fade over time. If this happens, you simply restore the lost shade by adding another top coat. The GRP material is generally impact resistant but if the roof does develop a crack or a hole, you can carry out a repair by adding one or more layers of resin and fibreglass to the fault.

The Long Life of GRP Roofing

These advantages of the GRP roof accrue to the customer who has had the installation carried out expertly by a roofing professional. Installed and maintained properly, the roof can last up to 30 years. Abbey Roofing Cumbria has a long and successful record of providing quality roofs to customers in southern Scotland and in Cumbria, Remember, GRP fibreglass roofing that is installed by a professional is:

  • attractive and long-lasting
  • less likely to leak or crack

and is repaired and repainted more easily.

Top Considerations for A Solid Conservatory Roof

Solid roof conservatory styles have generated a buzz because of the many benefits they offer. One of the key advantages of this type of roof is the fact that they don’t let in too much heat in the warmer months. They provide insulation that helps to keep the temperature consistent within the conservatory. (more…)

Flat Roof Decking OSB-3 vs Plywood | Delamination

OSB or Plywood

Don’t use ply-wood for a flat roof that’s going to be fiberglassed – even marine ply, Cure-it GRP or Topseal. will not guarantee a roof if you’ve used Plywood, it must be OSB-3. (more…)

Caravan PVC Decking ideas Cumbria Lake-District

Caravan PVC Decking Ideas,

There’s a huge number of holiday and residential park homes across the Cumbrian Lake-district because of the natural beauty it’s easy to see why…

We are a roofing company that specialises in GRP fibreglass flat roofing and balconies with hundreds of installations throughout the Lake District. (more…)

Gutter sealant leaking gutter joints & fixing guttering joints

The best Gutter sealant

We have come across is desmopol  pure polyurethane Gutter sealant

liquid applied in a seamless liner inside the guttering ideal for old cast-iron gutters and leaking gutter joints

this terraced house pictured in Carlisle, Cumbria, had cast-iron guttering leaking on all the joins, one above the front door, the profile of the gutter is different to modern guttering so a replacement would’ve been difficult to match with the neighbours,

So… We went with a repair, all the guttering needed to be clean and dry so we waited for the right whether to start,

First dry day we got to work,

  • Found the leaking gutter joints
  • Cleaned, dried and wire brushed the internal gutter surface Inc. joints
  • Drilled out the old bolts (Just fell out really)
  • Sealed the gutter joints with low modulus silicone sealant
  • Replaced the broken gutter fixing with bolt’s and washer’s
  • And then lined the internal surface of the leaking guttering

This cast-iron was in pretty good shape except for the joint’s its a block of 6 or 7 houses probably… 35 to 40 meters long but only two down pipes, that’s the issue its a very long run with very little fall there easily blocked

the main thing we found over the years is with the older cast-iron gutters originally the joints will have been sealed with Linseed Oil Putty fixed together with a threaded nut bolt and washer, the putty eventually dries out and courses the lengths of half round guttering to come loose the nut and bolts will rust away and once the bolts rust away it’s time for a gutter repair, or to be replaced, some solid wall building have nowhere to fix guttering brackets to, if this is the case we can fix rise and fall brackets for stone walls,

leaking gutter joints

they can course lots of damage to your property most common is bringing the render of the walls this is coursed by wet walls freezing and becoming frost damaged loosing parts of the external render, we’ve seen mould and in older building can lead to wet rot, and dry rot, it’s not to be taken lightly.

DIY Gutter Repair & Gutter sealant

sometimes the guttering leaking can be the simplest of things to fix yourself but be careful with heights

it’s not worth it, If it doesn’t feel safe it probably isn’t!

  1. Don’t hang out of windows Dormer’s Ext. to reach blocked gutters!
  2. Don’t over stretch at the top of the ladder!
  3. Make sure the gutters are secure to place the ladders on cast guttering can be very heavy if it falls,

And don’t forget about the downpipes, if the downpipes are blocked the gutter will back up and overflow down pipes can be cut if needs be, PVC pipes are easy just cut straight through near the bottom unblock and buy a pipe connector to join it, cast-iron is a bit more difficult you will need a grinder or saw with a metal blade but be sure to get the diameters fist for the connector has there very difficult to get for a cast pipe, Also check for wires running down the back of the pipe like sky cables, tv wire’s,

gutter joints

Pictured is an old cast-iron gutter repair we did in Whitehaven, Cumbria,

this Georgian style house has large gutters back and front all leaking at the joints,

Gutter sealant

the cast-iron was cleaned wire brushed internally all the joints bolted with Gutter sealant & Desmopol primer for cast-iron sealed with Desmopol because the guttering really large we bandaged the joints for reinforcment and we was able too give the manufacturer guarantee of 10-year’s

Here’s a video of us using Desmopol for sealing concrete steps with the same process has the gutter fix…

  1. Cleaned
  2. primed
  3. & sealed

Take a look and leave a comment if you need to get in touch we cover the whole of Cumbria, and West Scotland
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How to repoint a stone wall with lime mortar

Roofing services in Carlisle How to repoint a stone wall with lime mortar this is us at work on an old Victorian building removing the slates repairing the woodwork spars and purling’s

How to repoint a stone wall with lime mortar

There’s some dry rot in this building just starting to spread into the masonry

luckily caught just in time,

Good reason to keep sandstone pointed

The fungus has not been given time to develop and establish its self in the timbers all the infected timber has been repaired or replaced all the rest of the timber has been treated if you are in Carlisle and need advice with dry rot issues please get InTouch, Throughout Cumbria there’s lots of older buildings with issues of dry rot,

It can be very common, not much of a problem if taken care of treated with a masonry biocide 

dry rot timber

If its still a type of orange dust this is the best time to catch it before the fungus is established,

A good dry rot treatment on all the surrounding area, all the affected wood replaced and plenty of ventilation in the roof space for air movement should do the trick if it’s in early stages

A very good quality breathable felt will help, with ventilating the roof,

How to repoint a stone wall with lime mortar

If the building has solid stone walls check to see if the pointing is still in place and not missing this is usually the cause of water ingress that can cause dry rot to start with, You must make sure the external walls are keeping the damp out,

Solid sandstone walls (must not) be pointed with cement! this is the second most common cause of damp in old buildings a solid brick or stone wall, built with lime mortar needs to breath and lose its moisture content through the mortar joints,

Cement pointing

How to repoint a stone wall with lime mortar

When there pointed with cement the wall will always be wet and never dry out coursing the initial damp for the fungal spores to germinate and cause endless problems with dry rot!

We have done loads of sandstone wall pointing and have a supplier that specialises in solid walls and lime mortar mixes, Hydraulic lime mortar for sandstone walls, if the pointing is missing

Not cement,

Its common to be mistaken for rising damp

On this roofing job in Carlisle we repointed the gable end (or apex) the previous builders had used a cement mortar for some general repairs, about six years before,

which has we know, did not let any of the stone work breath or lose its moisture content water trapped in the wall will freeze and cause the sandstone to then became frost damaged,

We needed to remove all the cement pointing by raking it out, and repointing with hydraulic lime, this let the wall dry out as it should, we’ve been back a few times to check on the dry rot… and not only is the dry rot gone but the whole roof space is completely dry,

the customer also informed us that she had several damp company’s out to inspect the damp and had been advised the problem was rising damp and to have the walls injected with a rising damp treatment which was of course not true,

another happy customer once the walls was all pointed and the timber was replaced with a kiln dried timber with a breathable felt and new treated batons the roof was re-slated with the existing Burlington slates making up the short-fall, and bedding the ridge tiles on at the end of the job, Below is a very informative video on this exact issue take a look!



Roofing Repair Cumbria

Roofing Repair Cumbria and throughout the lake district from slate roof repairs to tiled roof repairs Inc. Roofing Repair Cumbriaemergence work due to storm damage

  • 24 hour call out
  • insurance work
  • storm damage

Covering the whole of Cumbria

  • Egremont
  • Whitehaven
  • Workington
  • Carlisle
  • Wigton
  • Penrith
  • Windermere

All roofing repairs carried out by professions tradesmen all work guaranteed most of our work is repeat customers

and we offer free quotations and free advice

We offer a complete roofing service from a small repair to a full new roof and only use the best materials and the latest products such has, Upvc fascia and soffits  in Anthracite grey or Woodgrains

We also specialise in flat roof replacement and repairs to felt roofs

you can contact Jim by our contact form below or by Email: james.cunningham11@gmail.com

small roof repairs or full new roof installations we will respond the same day with a professional timely response

Written quotation by post or email

Cumbria tradesmen

roofing repairs cumbria storm damage

Storm Damage

We offer a complete range of roofing services including emergency roof repairs,

From the replacement of slate or tiled roofs to resurfacing flat roofs with the latest and best material for each individual project some flat roofs have more detail than others such has…

Pipes’ roof windows’ different elevation’s or parapet walls, if this is the case… then a liquid based seamless roof such has GRP fibreglass from Cure-it  you may be able to use this system has an over-lay system which will certainly save on cost, landfill, and disruption,

Over-lay Flat roof systems Around Cumbria

benefits with this option is it won’t trigger the building regulations part L1b

where has the removal of the existing roof covering will…

If it’s removed then it’s a replacement new roof and to comply with building regulations will need to be insulated and brought up to date,

If theres been no leaking and the roof is sound with no damaged timbers then this is perfectly fine to over-lay

Vapour barrier is a major factor in most flat roofs

warm roof consruction


New warm-roof construction for your flat roof is by far the best option if the existing roof needs replaced

warm-roof is where the insulation is placed above a vapour barrier on top of the roof structure  with no thermal bridging  (OR) risk of condensation,

We can call to your property and carrie out a free survey and offer advice on the best option,

Roofing Repair Cumbria

Cumbrian lake district can suffer from lots of maintenance problems such has blocked gutters and valleys Etc,

we are dedicated to keeping roofs and gutters clear and free from all general debris which if left can course larger problems,

Abbey roofing have a large customer base throughout Cumbria

cleaning and unblocking gutters and outlets on a regular basis, Replacing slates and tile’s and general pointing work on both commercial and residential properties

we have access to power lifts or cherry pickers for general maintenance work around flats and apartments

please get in touch for advice or a free survey






roofing felt for flat roofs

Roofing felt or rubber EPDM for a flat roof ?

Roofing felt Vs Rubber epdm

roofing feltFelt flat roof

The one big drew back with roofing felt these days, Is Health and safety and rightly so…

Almost gone are the days of taking a boiling pot up to a second story roof full of boiling tar then torching all the details up under the eaves with naked flames into the loft space.

With dried wood smouldering under the felt no wonder it can cost a small fortune for liability insurance covering (hot works)

If that doesn’t put any body off, It also only comes in a meter-wide roll that means whatever the size of the roof there’s going to be a lot of joints

I wouldn’t recommend green mineral felt for a balcony either it’s not the best for foot traffic

especially on a hot day in direct sun the Bitumen can melt and be punctured easily,

We have striped & replaced felt roofs that’s been over 30-years old, So… Like anything if its installed properly to start with it can be a very good system but I would make sure it’s at least a

3-layer felt roof system

  1. 3G perforated membrane on primed boards (Icopal Xtra-seal bitumen prima)
  2. A sanded underlay torched on with sealed joints
  3. And a 4mm top layer of mineral felt (cap sheet) this system comes with a guarantee of 18 to 20 years

It really has improved from the older felt roofs which would normally last no longer then 8 to 10-years

Benefits with a felt roof is its relatively cheap been around for a long time

Tried and tested polyester based mineral felts are improving all the time

And installed correctly is a good system with a life expectancy of around 20-years

EPDM rubber flat roof

EPDM rubber roof

Rubber EPDM

100% cured single ply membrane for the roofing industry

made of a synthetic rubber with a life expectancy of over 50-years,

Brilliant on larger areas like commercial or industrial roofs with sheets sizes has wide as 15m and 61m long with no joins

It’s also excellent material for green roof installations on most residential buildings with careful planning their won’t be any joins or weak point

EPDM can be secured with a bonding adhesive to either OSB-3 Sterling board or sheets of plywood

Or directly to some insulation boards for a warm roof installation,

this is a very common option, but the insulation boards must be tissue-faced for this

The main benefit with EPDM there’s no naked flames

its a cold applied system so less risk of fire with most flat roofs going up into the main roofs eaves this can get very dangerous

With all the old dry timbers and sometimes bird’s nest’s

its best to keep flames away from this area of the roof EPDM rubber is cold applied which also makes your public liability insurance cheaper to…

What is EPDM rubber used for?

It’s used for mostly flat or low sloped roofs, green roofs and garden buildings such as summer houses and sheds,

Roofing felt or Rubber EPDM

personally i would have to say rubber mostly because of using flames on the roof,




Guttering Repair

Guttering Repair

This is a Guttering Repair and what can happen in very heavy snow.

Guttering not fixed properly consequently, Collapsed.  This is in Kirtlebridge Lockerbie

DG11 3LY

All this guttering and fascia was fixed with only. 70 mm screws direct into sandstone as a result, It collapsed with the weight of heavy snow fall.

Guttering repair

Guttering repair

Lucky no one was hurt. Loose or incorrectly fixed fascia or gutter’s can be very dangerous, especially heavy cast-iron guttering.

We have now replaced all the fascia & guttering with just rise & fall brackets the correct way to fix Deep flow guttering to a stone wall… With a 10-year guarantee now the rain water pipes are looking great’ if you have any guttering problems please get inTouch 

Rise and fall guttering brackets

Rise and fall guttering brackets

We work with a lot of insurance companies, Regarding storm damage,

Therefore, we offer a 24 hour call out service for any emergence work,

It can be difficult to get a ‘professional tradesman’ OR woman”

When you need one, But we guarantee to respond the same day,

Guttering Repair for Cast-Iron rain water pipes,

We regularly repair cast iron guttering, And can re-line the inside with a new seamless lining, liquid rubber will bond to any metal, Cures in just (20min)  and guaranteed for 15  years,


This is cheaper’  Then replacing all the guttering, Providing the brackets are in good shape,


We also repair box gutters and lead valley’s there’s a number of options for a box gutter but the best by far is a liquid applied system like liquid rubber, it’s ideal for sealing cast gutters a 15-year guarantee too…

Perfect for box gutters on older buildings. Easy to work with tried and tested material comes with a choice of colours including lead grey.

Great if the buildings not listed or a building of special interest!

But likely if it’s an old lead gutter, And leaking it probably will be, therefore, need to be replaced like for like.

You should check first, With your local Conservation Officer,  Whether or not consent will be needed, We can help with this too…

flat roof construction

Flat roof construction explained 

Flat roof construction can be complicated. No roof should be completely flat. A flat roof should always drain towards a gutter or outlet.

A roof is considered a flat roof if it has a pitch of 10 degrees or less. Most flat roofs are Known to be problematic

and high maintenance. But with new innovations in waterproofing material such as

GRP fiberglass from CURE-IT or TOPSEAL flat roofing has dramatically improved with manufacture guarantees from 20-years plus pictured



Other options include EPDM rubber roofing from Rubber bond which is a great roof for larger areas like supermarkets or industrial units but I prefer a liquid system like GRP for smaller domestic roofs which tend to have lots of detail such as, soil pipes. up-stands. and parapet walls,

Another thing to consider is,

Warm roof OR Cold roof 

A warm flat roof is the best option in my opinion providing there is enough room for 100mm of insulation above the joists. pictured

flat roof construction

warm roof construction


flat roof construction cumbria


In most flat roof constructions, there’s not much room to play with. You just don’t have the height needed for the insulation. some flat roofs will have parapet walls. Coping stone edging. Balcony doors or windows. with only 50mm up stands. as a result, the insulation must go underneath with a ventilation gap under the decking to eliminate the risk of condensation consequently, Condensation is a problem, 

And can be a major problem with flat roofs. Not many cold roof constructions have enough vents for air movement between the joists you need to vent the moist air.

This is not the case with a warm roof.

warm roofs will have a thermal insulation layer above the structure with no cold areas for the warm air to condense.

therefore, theres no need for vents in this type of construction.  my advice for your flat roof is a GRP fiberglass system with a 100mm insulation warm roof,

08:16 25 Apr 18
Prompt response, arrived to look at job when he said, gave a thorough account of what needed done, we agreed a price. The next fine day he arrived early with another worker and job done before end of day. Prompt, efficient, professional and reliable. My old cast iron guttering now looks like new and doesn't leak....hurray! Thanks James.
james thomas
james thomas
17:48 08 Mar 18
I have used James and his roof firm twice now and have had fantastic service each time. He is very quick to provide advice and all his work is timely and of a great standard . I would happily recommend and will be using him again in future .
Ed Hagerty
Ed Hagerty
19:31 13 Oct 16
We’ve been restoring a house in Cumbria and over the years we’ve had tradespeople from across the spectrum. I can comfortably say that Jim and his team are in the very top of the list in terms of quality, price and service. They did a flat roof for us, some lead work and a variety of other external work, all of the highest quality. If Jim provides the service, you need look nowhere else. We’d trust him with any job, large or small.
arron weaver
arron weaver
15:01 28 Oct 16
Great price, no hidden costs, professional and friendly service, the results were simply stunning. would recommend to anyone. Thank you to all the team. Great work!
Katherine Massey
Katherine Massey
14:11 26 Mar 15
Jim and Chris recently carried out outstanding work to our fibreglass roof on a listed building. We were delighted with the standard of workmanship, service, communication and the 25 year guarantee. The work was carried out in a timely and professional manner and was also reasonable in terms of cost. We were lucky to get some dry weather and guys that really know what they are doing. Thanks Jim, much appreciated! I will recommend you to family, friends and anyone I come across!
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