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We are well known throughout Scotland & Cumbria for our quality roofing and great service.
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Cast-Iron Style Plastic Rainwater Guttering System

Plastic Guttering and downpipes in Cast-iron effect

Ideal for older style period houses and most farm houses where modern upvc guttering will look to modern

.Cast iron effect guttering plastic


GRP balcony covering

grp balcony covering is the best on the market for heavy foot traffic ideal for a balcony area in addition the GRP finish can be installed with a non-slip surface.

GRP fibreglass balcony


A Guide to Slate Roofing

Slate roofing is getting increasing popular in contemporary times because of the benefits derived from installing slate roof on the home. Slate roof is fire proof and environmentally friendly. In addition, it is very durable and confers a certain aesthetic appeal that makes your building stand out. But there are various types of slate roofing, which can sometimes make choosing the right one confusing. Often, there are questions about the different types, how durable, how much they cost and how easy it is to have them installed.

slate roofing (more…)

Tiled Conservatory Roofs Guide

Tiled conservatory roofs are affordable and ideal roofing solutions that are an excellent choice for your home. You can consult with a professional installer and have the work done right.

tiled conservatory roofs (more…)

What Is A GRP Fibreglass Roof?

What You Must Know About GRP Fibreglass Roofing

What is GRP Fibreglass Roofing?

GRP fibreglass roofing

GRP or glass reinforced polyester is a single-ply laminate material made of plastic strengthened with fine, glass fibres. (more…)

Top Considerations for A Solid Conservatory Roof

Solid roof conservatory styles have generated a buzz because of the many benefits they offer. One of the key advantages of this type of roof is the fact that they don’t let in too much heat in the warmer months. They provide insulation that helps to keep the temperature consistent within the conservatory.

Solid conservatory roof (more…)

Flat Roof Decking OSB-3 vs Plywood | Delamination

OSB board or Roofing Plywood

Don’t use ply-wood for a flat roof that’s going to be fibreglass – even marine ply, Cure-it, GRP or Topseal. It will not guarantee a roof if you’ve used Plywood – it must be OSB-3.OSB plywood (more…)

Caravan PVC Decking ideas Cumbria Lake-District

Caravan PVC Decking Ideas,

There’s a huge number of holiday and residential park homes across the Cumbrian Lake-district because of the natural beauty it’s easy to see why…

We are a roofing company that specialises in GRP fibreglass flat roofing and balconies with hundreds of installations throughout the Lake District. (more…)

Gutter Sealant Leaking, Gutter Joints & Fixing Guttering Joints

The best cast iron guttering sealant

We have come across is desmopol pure polyurethane Gutter sealant

liquid applied in a seamless liner inside the guttering ideal for old cast-iron gutters and leaking gutter joints.


How to repoint a stone wall with lime mortar

Roofing services in Carlisle How to repoint a stone wall with lime mortar this is us at work on an old Victorian building removing the slates repairing the woodwork spars and purling’s

How to repoint a stone wall with lime mortar

There’s some dry rot in this building just starting to spread into the masonry

luckily caught just in time,

Good reason to keep sandstone pointed

The fungus has not been given time to develop and establish its self in the timbers all the infected timber has been repaired or replaced all the rest of the timber has been treated if you are in Carlisle and need advice with dry rot issues please get InTouch, Throughout Cumbria there’s lots of older buildings with issues of dry rot,

It can be very common, not much of a problem if taken care of treated with a masonry biocide 

dry rot timber

If its still a type of orange dust this is the best time to catch it before the fungus is established,

A good dry rot treatment on all the surrounding area, all the affected wood replaced and plenty of ventilation in the roof space for air movement should do the trick if it’s in early stages

A very good quality breathable felt will help, with ventilating the roof,

How to repoint a stone wall with lime mortar

If the building has solid stone walls check to see if the pointing is still in place and not missing this is usually the cause of water ingress that can cause dry rot to start with, You must make sure the external walls are keeping the damp out,

Solid sandstone walls (must not) be pointed with cement! this is the second most common cause of damp in old buildings a solid brick or stone wall, built with lime mortar needs to breath and lose its moisture content through the mortar joints,

Cement pointing

How to repoint a stone wall with lime mortar

When there pointed with cement the wall will always be wet and never dry out coursing the initial damp for the fungal spores to germinate and cause endless problems with dry rot!

We have done loads of sandstone wall pointing and have a supplier that specialises in solid walls and lime mortar mixes, Hydraulic lime mortar for sandstone walls, if the pointing is missing

Not cement,

Its common to be mistaken for rising damp

On this roofing job in Carlisle we repointed the gable end (or apex) the previous builders had used a cement mortar for some general repairs, about six years before,

which has we know, did not let any of the stone work breath or lose its moisture content water trapped in the wall will freeze and cause the sandstone to then became frost damaged,

We needed to remove all the cement pointing by raking it out, and repointing with hydraulic lime, this let the wall dry out as it should, we’ve been back a few times to check on the dry rot… and not only is the dry rot gone but the whole roof space is completely dry,

the customer also informed us that she had several damp company’s out to inspect the damp and had been advised the problem was rising damp and to have the walls injected with a rising damp treatment which was of course not true,

another happy customer once the walls was all pointed and the timber was replaced with a kiln dried timber with a breathable felt and new treated batons the roof was re-slated with the existing Burlington slates making up the short-fall, and bedding the ridge tiles on at the end of the job, Below is a very informative video on this exact issue take a look!

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Jonathan Millican
Jonathan Millican
07:46 08 Oct 19
Called Abbey Roofing when i found a leak in the roof of the house that was causing rising damp. Jim came round within 24 hrs and was superb. The problem was quickly diagnosed and dealt with by the end of the week. Excellent job and great customer service. Would highly recommend to anyone.
Danny Bull
Danny Bull
16:22 30 Sep 19
robert murphy
robert murphy
12:51 28 Sep 19
Excellent service facsia and soffits capped and looking great, very quick and efficient would recommend and use again.
Sam Verry
Sam Verry
16:16 31 Aug 19
We needed some new guttering on an old property we recently purchased as the existing guttering was causing us some damp issues, Abbey roofing gave us a reasonable quote and started the work within a few days of us accepting the quote. The work was completed professionally and to a very high standard. I have since had abbey roofing back to carry out some work on the roof and again I am really pleased with the work. Would highly recommend these guys.
Lee Preston
Lee Preston
11:26 12 May 19
Looks great, top workmanship, efficiently done and in a short time!
08:16 25 Apr 18
Prompt response, arrived to look at job when he said, gave a thorough account of what needed done, we agreed a price. The next fine day he arrived early with another worker and job done before end of day. Prompt, efficient, professional and reliable. My old cast iron guttering now looks like new and doesn't leak....hurray! Thanks James.
james thomas
james thomas
17:48 08 Mar 18
I have used James and his roof firm twice now and have had fantastic service each time. He is very quick to provide advice and all his work is timely and of a great standard . I would happily recommend and will be using him again in future .
arron weaver
arron weaver
15:01 28 Oct 16
Great price, no hidden costs, professional and friendly service, the results were simply stunning. would recommend to anyone. Thank you to all the team. Great work!
Michael Seidelmann
Michael Seidelmann
14:56 14 Oct 16
Jim and his team have been carrying out several jobs at our cottage, including re-roofing and guttering. We are delighted with both the level of service and the quality of work. Happy to recommend.
Ed Hagerty
Ed Hagerty
19:31 13 Oct 16
We’ve been restoring a house in Cumbria and over the years we’ve had tradespeople from across the spectrum. I can comfortably say that Jim and his team are in the very top of the list in terms of quality, price and service. They did a flat roof for us, some lead work and a variety of other external work, all of the highest quality. If Jim provides the service, you need look nowhere else. We’d trust him with any job, large or small.
Katherine Massey
Katherine Massey
14:11 26 Mar 15
Jim and Chris recently carried out outstanding work to our fibreglass roof on a listed building. We were delighted with the standard of workmanship, service, communication and the 25 year guarantee. The work was carried out in a timely and professional manner and was also reasonable in terms of cost. We were lucky to get some dry weather and guys that really know what they are doing. Thanks Jim, much appreciated! I will recommend you to family, friends and anyone I come across!
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